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Score how well countries stand out in the benchmarking engine.

Top-100 Standout scores

Standout Score Formula:

The OnlyBoth "standout score" says how many times a country was found to stand out from its peers, both positively and negatively.

The formula is: #good - #bad - 1/2 #ambivalent. You can calculate a score yourself by looking at the English-language insights that compare to noteworthy groups of countries, which is the default comparison. Click on Filters, then Select Judgments, and add up the counts. Ignore the #neutral count.

An ambivalent insight says where someone stands out badly among a well-performing peer group. A real example taken from healthcare: "Of the 256 providers within 50 miles that have 5 stars as an overall rating, General Health Inc. is one of just 12 that have a 1-star rating in staffing."