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Benchmarking San Mateo County, California against all counties


Only San Mateo County, California has both such a high median household income ($93,623) and such a high natural amenities index (8.19).

So, any other county with as high a median household income also has lower natural amenities index. Likewise, any other county with as high a natural amenities index also has lower median household income.

San Mateo County, California has these related standings among all the 3,142 counties:

  • median household income = $93,623 (20th-highest)

  • homicides per 100,000 population = 3.490 (873rd-fewest, tied)

  • violent crimes per 100,000 population = 235.49 (1,272nd-most)

  • natural amenities index = 8.19 (17th-highest)




closest are Santa Clara County, California ($96,310, 5.95), Douglas County, Colorado ($102,964, 5.15), Los Alamos County, New Mexico ($101,934, 3.04), and Morris County, New Jersey ($100,214, 1.30), ending with Putnam County, New York ($96,148, 0.37).

11 counties were ruled out due to missing, unknown, or not-applicable values for natural amenities index.

Taking Action

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  1. median household income. Higher values are better. Source is the 2015 Census.
  2. natural amenities index. Higher values are better. The natural amenities index, similar to a score, measures natural, physical, environmental qualities that most people prefer, like warm winter, winter sun, temperate summer, low summer humidity, topographic variation, and water area. The index/score ranges from -6 to +12, where higher is better. Source is Department of Agriculture, 1999.