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Benchmarking San Francisco County, California against all counties


San Francisco County, California has the most violent crimes per 100,000 population (702.66) of the 78 counties with at least $78,621 in median household income (San Francisco County, California is at $81,294).

That is, among those 78 counties that do well on one measure, San Francisco County, California does least well on a related measure. That 702.66 compares to an average of 179.01 and standard deviation of 119.1 across those 78 counties.

Reaching the average of 179.01 would imply a decrease of 4,631 violent crimes.

San Francisco County, California has these related standings among those 78 counties:

  • violent crimes per 100,000 population = 702.66 (the most)

  • car crash fatalities per 100,000 population = 4.91 (7th-fewest)

  • homicides per 100,000 population = 6.040 (20th-most)

  • property crimes per 100,000 population = 4,385 (the most)

  • first responders per 1,000 population = 0.600 (16th-fewest)

  • population living close to emergency facilities = 97.28% (the most)

  • per-capita spending on police and fire protection = $768.71 (10th-highest)




exceeded Anne Arundel County, Maryland (507.28), Nantucket County, Massachusetts (460.21), Juneau City and Borough, Alaska (425.5), and Charles County, Maryland (421.52), and others, ending with Hamilton County, Indiana (44.25).

1 out of the other 77 counties was ruled out due to missing, unknown, or not-applicable values for violent crimes per 100,000 population, i.e., Denali Borough, Alaska.

Taking Action

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  1. median household income. Higher values are better. Source is the 2015 Census.
  2. violent crimes per 100,000 population. Lower values are better. Violent crime includes murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, etc. Source is DOJ 2014. The population estimate is from the 2017 Census.