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Benchmarking Bronx County, New York against all counties


Bronx County, New York has the 3rd-highest airborne cancer risk per million in population (91.30) of the 812 counties that are urban up-and-coming. That 91.30 compares to an average of 45.26 and standard deviation of 12.00 across those 812 counties.

Reaching the average of 45.26 would imply a decrease of 67.70 airborne cancer risks.

Bronx County, New York has these related standings among those 812 counties:

  • airborne cancer risk per million in population = 91.30 (3rd-highest)

  • chronic health risk from exposure to toxic chemicals = 5,636 (296th-highest)

  • households in a FEMA-designated flood hazard area = 1.00% (45th-fewest)

  • very-hot days per year = 16 (15th-most, tied)

  • risk of developing serious respiratory complications per 10,000 in population = 7.95 (4th-highest)

  • natural amenities index = 1.04 (192nd-highest, tied)

  • land area covered by tree canopy, weighted by population = 7.32% (36th-least)




better than Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania (148.0066) and Cabell County, West Virginia (94.46).

exceeded Ashland County, Ohio (87.44), Jefferson County, Ohio (87.00), Stark County, Ohio (86.09), and Erie County, Pennsylvania (83.84), and 805 others, ending with Yates County, New York (20.22).

Taking Action

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  1. airborne cancer risk per million in population. Lower values are better. Risk of contracting cancer over a lifetime. Source is EPA, 2011. The population estimate is from the 2017 Census.